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Peter Dunne letters to Trapeze

New Orion imprint Trapeze is publishing The Fifty Things by Peter Dunne, a book of letters exploring the “social mores and morality of our time” in a bid to answer for his children “the eternal questions that line the path to peace of mind”.

Anna Valentine, publisher at Trapeze, bought UK and Commonwealth rights from Clare Conville at Conville & Walsh to the book, to be published in hardback on 9th March 2017.

The Fifty Things was born when Peter Dunne decided to write a series of letters to his children as he approached his 50th birthday. The letter sought to offer advice to some of life’s challenges, so that if they ever needed to know what their father might have to say on a particular subject, it would be set down for them. While the stories are firmly set in a place and time, the themes and the tone span universal themes, examples including compromise, compassion, democracy and sacrifice.

Valentine commented: “Full of humour and compassion, generosity and wisdom, The Fifty Things is a remarkable book – one that has stayed with me after my first reading. While its genesis is letters from a father to his children, this book is for everyone: it offers a blueprint for thoughtful, humble living in our somewhat fraught modern society.”

Dunne has worked in the film industry for over 30 years, holding senior marketing positions at major studios before turning to specialist consultancy work in family entertainment and animation. He said: “If turning 50 was a shock, then finding I had 50 things to say was equally surprising; but by far the biggest revelation of all is that, after all this time, I am now a Trapeze artist.”

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